Boss Wolf (also known as the Wolf Boss) is the secondary antagonist of Kung Fu Panda 2. He was the leader of Shen's wolf army, and also
served as Shen's military strategist and most loyal and trusted servant.

Once a guard at Gongmen City's royal palace, he left with his wolf pack and his master Shen after being banished for their heinous crime against an innocent farming village. As the years passed, he continued to help Shen in his goal of ruling China by forging his weapons, raiding villages for more material, and providing military support. Though he was treated as a mere subordinate by his master, Boss Wolf continued to show loyalty and support up until the final battle, where he stood up for himself and his wolf pack, nearly losing his life for it.


Boss Wolf is fast, sneaky, and ruthless. He is very strong and clever, and is both respected and feared by his pack. Boss Wolf was Lord Shen's second-in-command and most loyal subordinate. Boss Wolf was shown to be very obedient and savage, as he took part in the massacre of the panda village, and was even attempted to kill an innocent baby, which cost him his left eye at the hands of the child's father. He was also low enough to endanger the citizens of Gongmen City, even a crateful of rabbit children.

Though Boss Wolf usually carried out Shen's commands without hesitation, he hesitated when Shen ordered him to fire his cannon during the final  battle with the kung fu masters, which would mean killing their own soldiers. The wolf refused, and was struck down by three of Shen's blades as a result. This defiance showed that while Boss Wolf was ruthless toward his enemies, he was nowhere near as evil as Shen, and cared for the lives of his own warriors. He was also shown to be almost puppy-like at times, talking too much and making Shen angry with his bumbling comments.

In kung Fu panda: Legend reborn 

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