Buster is one of the main characters of "Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures at ACME Pupiversity."


He is a young blue German Shepherd puppy and the leader of the Pupsters Club. Like Magic, he will do anything to help his friends, though he's marginally calmer than the other pup.

He constantly finds himself dealing with all sorts of issues at school, such as touch classes; rich pup versus local bully dynamics; Dogo; and Willis' crazy lover, Peaches.

Character ProfileEdit Edit

  • Breed: German Shepherd
  • Fur Color: Light blue and black
  • Eye Color: Yellow
  • Personality: Fearless, clever, caring, spunky, bold, humorous, and selfless
  • Goal: To be better at everything than everybody else in Pocketville
  • Home: Pocketville

Friends Edit

  • Magic

Buster and Magic are best friends. As such, Buster's picked up some of Magic's characteristics along the way, such as his theatrical mannerisms, general confidence in himself, talent for working with others, and preference to seek out adventure rather than wait for it to come to him.

  • Willis and Lili

Buster's other best friends are Willis and Lili. They, along with Magic and Kate, hang out together often and are the five main characters of the show.

  • Others

​Buster is also good friends with the Royal Guards, Furrball, and Peaches.

Rivals Edit

  • Dogo

Dogo is a mega-rich brat and one of Buster's greatest rivals.

  • Wolfgang

Wolfgang starts out as a cute, friendly, innocent little Golden Retriever and one of Buster's best friends. However, at the show's climax, it's revealed that Wolfgang is William's father and the infamous jewelry bandit who lives in a cave and controls a pack of henchwolves.

Love Interests Edit

  • ​Maggie

Buster has proven his affection for Maggie numerous times, and those efforts paid off recently when Maggie asked him to be her boyfriend. Sometimes, Buster is too shy to respond to her advances, but always tries to make up for it the next time. It's not at all unusual for him to go out of his way just to impress her.

Quotations Edit

  • "I just can't help myself!"
  • "Am I always this charming or am I just lucky?"

Gallery Edit

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