Butterscotch  is a pony on a mission to capture Tifu in Adventures in the pokemon kingdom and in  pupppy in my pocket:Lili's story
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Butterscotch is described as dedicated character who will stop at nothing to take down the criminal he is after.Butterscotch is brave, daring ,bold and not at all cowardly even being more feared than his captain.

Character informationEdit

  •  names:max
  • personality:willing,funny,handsome,agile,determind
  • Occupation:Pony of the Captain's Guards
  • Affilations: Good
  • Goal:to capture Tifu
  • Home:princess lili's castle
  • Allies:Princess lili, Prince willis, Royal guards, princess ava, dogo,Telekinetic sorceress
  • Minions: princess lili's royal guards
  • Enemies: Pocketville villains 
  • Likes:Apples,helping princess lili
  • dislike:being outsmared,trouble
  • Weapons:Sword, hooves, teeth