Foxy  is a young fox who enjoys the circus and dislikes kissing.

Personality Edit

  • Personality:Cute, kind
  • Appearance:Small, slender,emerald green eyes
  • Occupation:Lili's little sister
  • Affiliations:Good
  • Home:pocketville
  • Relatives:Lili(sister),boss Glaceon and angela(sister's in law), vendella (mother),acelin(father)Willis and william (brother's in law)
  • Dislikes:getting filthy
  • Likes:Being clean
  • Allies:everybody in pocketville
  • Enemies:pocketville villains
  • Powers and abilities:incredible speed,incredible cutness
  • Attacks:Punch,Fire,ice,Electricity,Elemental Fury
  • Pet(s):Roger