Jeff is a deuteragonists  in my (princess ava15's) fanfiction, puppy in my pocket 2: Lili's Story.

Jeff the lion




Jeff's personality isn't gone into, but he seems to be the strong silent kind. He both wants to be king, and doesn't really care.He is able to follow some rules, responding to Pepper when she asks him 'what have I taught you?', and seems to care for his mother, as seen in chapter 11, when he tries to save her from  one eye.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

His shape-shifting skill with which he can take the form of anything he wants.

Character InformationEdit

  • Name: Jeff
  • Species: Lion
  • Desired Voice Actors:Drew Nelson, Tom Choi Matt Mulins, Kevin Bacon, Dane Cook
  • Appearances: The lion king meets my little pony friendship is magic (Cameo) , puppy in my pocket 2: Lili's Story

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

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