Kion is the main protagonist of The Lion Guard, a film and television series inspired by The Lion King. He is the leader of the Lion Guard.


Personality Edit

Kion is described as one who "defies tradition", as he has assembled a guard that consists of creaturesother than lions. In this way, he is open to other species and willing to give underdogs a chance at making a difference. He also shows signs of being level-headed, such as being reluctant to enter the Outlands, possibly due to the danger of it or his father's rule about not entering it. He's also brave and cautious at the same time. In some ways he too shows the makings of a great ruler.

Unlike his father when he was a cub, Kion is a stickler for the rules, obedient even in the face of temptation. His responsible nature shines through in his willingness to negotiate before starting a fight, as he only uses his powers for good, unlike his evil great-uncle, Scar. Despite these more mature traits, Kion is still playful by nature and enjoys a good tussle with his best friend, Bunga. He can get a bit carried away when in the midst of playing, but he remembers his responsibilities first and foremost, caving to the instructions of his well-meaning parents.

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Family Edit

Members Edit

  • Father: Simba
  • Mother: Nala
  • Brother: Kopa
  • Sister: Kiara
  • Grandfathers: Mufasa (paternal) and Nala's Father (maternal)
  • Grandmothers: Sarabi (paternal) and Sarafina (maternal)
  • Great-grandfather: Ahadi
  • Great-grandmother: Uru
  • Great-great-grandfather: Mohatu
  • Great-uncle: Scar

Trivia Edit

  • Kion is the second-born cub of Simba and Nala, after Kiara, who is his only official sibling.